In the Absence of Facebook

(Random and irrelevant thoughts I would have put on Facebook…if I was still on Facebook. Check in often.)

When Dolph Lundgren is standing over one of the heroes of your current Netflix binge-show saying “I must break you,” you know you’ve found a great show. #Chuck #Winning


I can’t focus on my reading about the symphony and symphony orchestra because I can’t stop singing “Baby Shark” (doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo) #ProblemsINeverSawComing


Oh man. I forgot Hailey was supposed to take a rock to school today! #ProblemsINeverSawComing


Guys, I have “The Real Slim Shady” stuck in my head (Please stand up. Please stand up). Why? This is not how I spent my early 2000’s.


“All around the tra-a-mp-oline, the mommy chased the weasel. Weasel got in mo-o-mmy’s way. Down goes the weasel!” (Obviously, Hannah is the weasel.)


We’re studying the book of Job in our morning Bible time right now. Let me paraphrase for you the last line of Job 31:40, and also my new favorite passage of scripture:

“Job, out.”

I kid you not, that’s what it says. Look it up.