Heard in the Halvey House

“Okay, cutie-patootie.”

“I’m not tootie-ta-tootie. I’m big-girl-Heidi.”


“Hey, you just closed your sister’s head in the door!”



“Heidi, is today your birthday?”


“Oh yeah? What day is it?”

“Uh, yellow!”


Me: “Get off of the cat.”

Hailey: “I needed a place to sit.”


“Hannah says she’s a farty-pants, but she’s not.”

-Hailey (She’s four. She has a little trouble with the “sm” sound.)


“Hey, put my Mommy down!”




“That’s why you don’t just shove your foot down in your boot”






3 thoughts on “Heard in the Halvey House

  1. LOL. Elaina your dad always told me to check shoes and boots before putting them on. And to this day I do. I turn them upside down and clap them together.

  2. Ummm…YES, for real! I got bit by a spider when I put my foot into my blue Garfield roller skates when I was little. No joke, I always shake boots that have been sitting out!!!

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