Happy Valentine’s Day. Have Some Music.

Okay, I’ll confess. No matter how often I remind myself that I am complete in my identity in Christ, at least part of my identity is still wrapped up in social affirmation. Call me a fallen human. Go ahead. I can take it.

Anyway, regardless of how happy and content I am on any given day (which is pretty happy and content these days) thanks to the joy and peace of the Lord, His nearness, His speaking into my life, and His filling my life to overflowing with abundant blessings in the form of a husband – who makes me laugh, works his tail off without complaining, lovingly supports my whims, and shares my life goals – three beautiful daughters who are growing up to be more and more fun by the minute, my mom and sisters and aunts and female family through DNA or marriage who are my BFFs, a lifetime of memories with a dad who is so worth the pain of missing until we meet him again in heaven, a community full of weirdos who complete me in so many unique and irreplaceable ways, a community of classmates and teachers who challenge and expand my thinking (some of which may or may not also be in my community of weirdos), and so much more… I still feel lonely when I come here and find nothing other than half a dozen spam comments. *sigh* Oh, the empty promises of social media. (Never mind that I haven’t posted anything new in a while to comment on…)

But wait! Hold the phone! Does that mean if I feel lonely for a minute, maybe I’m not reaching out to all the people I love!?

Well then, if that’s the case, you all need to know that I love you.

Have some Valentine’s Day songs of my choosing, which may or may not be flavored by my semi-reformed-former-boy-band-fangirl musical inclinations.

(If you don’t listen to any of the others, listen to the last one. I will gladly take credit for your increased endorphin flow.)

1. Because “Ross Lynch Radio” is still my go-to Pandora station (and because this video is so adorable)…

(In case there was any confusion – I am too old and my kids are too young to have any excuse for watching this show.) But here’s the whole song, if you want it…

2. Because it doesn’t always have to be a love song (It’s not a love song, but you guys know I love you, right?)…

3. Because you guys have no idea how beautiful you are…

4. And, my gift of love to you…

I really hope you cranked up the volume, listened to some of those songs, and had a little fun too. Just to make it clear, I am not taking credit for any of these videos, they are all shared from other sites, so credit goes to their creators.

Also, just assume I’m still dancing like a gangly white girl when you read this. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!



4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day. Have Some Music.

  1. Love, love, love this blog. Your deep sentiments always touch me at the core. I am one of your faithful followers because your blogs are always so on point and heartfelt. I can wait to check out the the songs you posted. Our perhaps I’ll just make Ross Lynch radio one of my Pandora faves. Love you girl!

    1. Did you have a dance party to the Justin Timberlake song? You need to put it on a good sound system and have a dance party. Seriously. 🙂

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