Give Me Back My Classes, and Nobody Gets Hurt

I had to clean the vacuum filter today.

I don’t want to talk about it.

My last online class ended early last month, and my next class won’t start until the New Year, leaving me plenty of time to go completely nuts inside my head without a productive outlet for my mental energy. (Sorry guys, you know I love you all – even my quiet friends who may actually be reading my posts, but don’t feel like commenting – but the jury is still out as to whether my blog counts as a productive outlet without Facebook to help elicit readers and responses.)

(BTW, Mom and Auntie N, I would be lost without you two and your willingness to validate my writing by responding in the comments even though we all know that I could share my thoughts and hopes and dreams with you directly through email or text.)

(God sure knew what He was doing when He created family.)

(Especially ones that like to read.)

Anyway…I didn’t intend to have this break from school, but it’s okay because God knew what He was doing again when He carved out an eight-week chunk of time in my class schedule. Life and recent events have proven such that the risk of getting behind in a class and the possibility of not performing to the absolute best of my ability as a student might have thrown me over a figurative cliff of hopelessness and despair. This, for once, is not an exaggeration, as the few brave souls who have seen this dark place and lived to question the decision not to shove me off the cliff themselves just shouted “Amen.”

But things have slowed down a bit now, for me anyway. So now I’m going a little stir-crazy. I could use some prayer for that, especially with the kids’ Christmas break coming up. I’m excited about Christmas and all, but the kids have eight and a half days off of school. Do you have any idea how boring it is to spend eight and a half days with me? We might all go nuts if the fun parent doesn’t decide to take some time off work and rescue us.

Second, I love being a student. It can be stressful, sure, but it’s a productive stress. It’s a challenge that I can work through and usually come out successful, instead of coming out discouraged and frustrated by trying to do things that I will never be good at and/or will have to redo within the hour. School is life-giving stress. That being said, I am still itching to push through it quickly, shave off some time, and see what the Lord has in store for me in the form of a life-giving career. Lord, please forgive me for my perpetual impatience.

Anyway, I find myself tempted to add a traditional class along with my online classes to keep things moving along. This is probably completely crazy and asking for trouble, but it seems less crazy and trouble-asking than trying to double up on online classes. (Crunching a semester’s worth of learning into a six-week class…times two…have mercy!). Adding an on-campus class might be a (hopefully) manageable way to move things along and fit in another one of the three classes I need that are all offered online in the same six weeks – which also happens to be after the kids’ school will be out for summer vacation. I would be completely insane to try to double up then. Besides, I am a suh-loooooow reader, and obsessive proofreader (and I still end up with errors in my work), so I cannot – CAN. NOT. – overload myself to the point of doing work that does not meet my own standards.

The good news is Joel is on board for whatever I decide, but still, prayers for the right course of action would be appreciated, since this is going to rattle around in my brain for possibly the rest of my life if I think I’ve made the wrong decision.

So, what’s a girl to do? And don’t say scrub the microwave, ‘cause I already did that.

Oh yeah, this post is no more than a glorified request for prayer and sage advice. Did I forget to mention that before you spent the last four minutes of your life reading it? Oops. But since you did, please pipe in with…whatever in the whole wide world makes your heart happy. Just talk to me. Did I mention the part about the stir-crazy?


6 thoughts on “Give Me Back My Classes, and Nobody Gets Hurt

  1. Prayers for guidance in your decision. As for being stir crazy…I think it is time to bake and decorate some Christmas cookies with your girls…MERRY CHRISTMAS ❤

  2. I think buying pre-made sugar cookie dough and letting the girls decorate the cookies would be the way I would go. And somehow I think that would be your preference as well. I say try taking that additional class and if it proves to be too much, get through it and don’t do it again until maybe all three of the girls are in school all day. 😚

    1. I do so love studenting, afterall. 🙂 Pre-made dough would definitely be the right choice. I still always run into problems with being outnumbered, though. While I explain to one of them why she can’t lick the frosting off her fingers, another one is licking the frosting off the cookies, and another is emptying a whole jar of sprinkles onto her face. This does not say great things about my ability to guide and direct my children. It does, however, strongly suggest that they are learning their self-control from a parent who eats a third of her cookies in dough form before any of them even make it to the oven.

  3. So I FINALLY got a moment to read this…I love reading your blogs and usually do it right away, but it’s as if life just exploded a bit!! LOL

    Anyway, my vote would be for adding a traditional class rather than another online one. I am all for efficiency and online usually offers that, but a traditional class offers a bit of “escape” or to be more PC, a change of atmosphere!

    Love you sis, you an amazing woman!!!

    1. Well, it is very likely that my indecision has already made my decision for me. Lol.

      I’d blame it on that life-explosion, but really I’ve been waffling on whether to take a class, and which class to take, for months now. It’s become clear that I’m afraid to make a decision.

      Love you too. And if I am anything amazing, it’s in large part because you’ve been inspiring me for 32 years.

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