“Please Hold. Your Call Will Be Answered by the Next Available Brain Function.”

Hey friends. You might remember more than a month ago when I, or someone claiming to be me, wrote a blog post implying that I might maybe possibly think about almost wanting to potentially have the guts to tentatively consider posting parts of my book to my blog? At the risk of stating the obvious, I still haven’t done that. Seriously, really, I mean it – I want to start posting pieces of my book to my blog. I just can’t.

Since there are those of you (I think) who take the time to check periodically whether I’ve delivered on my intentions, just because you care, I feel I owe some explanation. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good one. I even have a break from online classes through the new year. I have lots of (outdated) material to work with. A new potential title. And I won’t begin bore you with the details of how long my book’s introduction has been open on my desk top and how many times I’ve read it, stared at it, talked to it, changed it, re-read it, and stared at it again, only to decide I have nothing worthwhile to say, and walk away from it to read someone else’s book. Someone published. Someone with stuff to say. Good stuff to say. And well said, at that.

I can claim the excuse that life has delivered more pressing issues to occupy my mind-space, which is way true, but I’m pretty sure this is mostly stage fright. It’s writerly drama, but it’s a real thing nonetheless – one that’s amazingly difficult to process on my own. (Do actual writers have teams to help them process through this stuff? It seems like they should.) Anyway, boohoo. You are all cordially invited to my pity party. But seriously, feel free to tell me I’m a genius and everything I write is worthwhile. I might not believe you.

So I don’t know when my revised-but-never-going-to-be-good-enough book introduction will make it to the blog, but I haven’t forgotten.

Just chickened out.

A lot.

Don’t give up on me!

6 thoughts on ““Please Hold. Your Call Will Be Answered by the Next Available Brain Function.”

  1. Dear Elaina, although you have not yet posted any excerpts from your book, you continue to entertain with your witty blog posts. As far as I’m concerned, you are a writer through and through.

  2. ‘E” Always look forward to your blog. I am ready when you blog your updated book intro! As day to day life happens you will once again be inspired to update your book. Raising three daughters will certainly provide you with an abundance of material to write about. Be patient with yourself. There is no deadline! My thoughts and prayers are with you in life’s current pressing issues. Love you!

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