Monthly Archives: October 2016

To Think, or Not to Be, Therefore…or Whatever

Hey friends. It’s been a while. Taking online classes has me pretty busy these days. My current class is Introduction to Sociology, and Rene Descartes has me radically doubting…well, nothing really, because I think Rene Descartes was completely off his onion, but anyway, that’s not very nice. The class is great, actually, but it does have most of my spare time and the sane parts of my brain occupied, and I’m approaching my own brand of delusional when I keep checking for hits on my blog even though I’m not posting anything, so I had an idea.

First, I really want to say thank you to the handful of people who read my blog. Thank you to those of you who are subscribed, even if you’re not all that interested in reading it. Double thank you to those who do read what I post, and triple thank you to those of you who read my posts AND leave comments – either on the blog, by email, or by text – so I’m not over here talking to myself. I appreciate all of you. Just having a handful of people subscribed means a whole lot, and shows me you care. And since I’m still at the point where I recognize most (maybe all) of the email addresses that are subscribed to my blog, your caring enough to subscribe does not go unnoticed (welcome to my creepy cyber world, in case I wasn’t creepy enough as it was).

Back to my idea.

See, I have this book that I wrote, but – let’s be honest – is never going to be published because I couldn’t convince a publisher to read it even if it was written on Zac Efron’s six-pack. Besides, it’s outdated now, since I wrote it when Heidi was eight months old and she’s 30 now. I realize she’s only three, but still. I’m not even sure I still know the people I wrote about in that book. But I’m getting off track here.

The point is, I am thinking about starting to dissect my book, tweak bits and pieces of it, and post them here. I’m pretty sure this is backwards, since most people write a blog, become wildly successful, and then turn the blog into a New York Times Bestseller. In other words, I’m regressing (except without the Bestseller). It’s a little depressing, really, but it’s okay because Jesus loves me and half the time backwards is how I do things anyway.

Logic would argue that the four, maybe five, of you who read my blog are the same four, maybe five, who would want to read my book anyway, so I hope if I have the guts to go through with it, you all will enjoy the dissected version.

I might be reaching here, but you know, whatever. I get restless.