Monthly Archives: August 2016

Because Super-Crazy-Making is Happening Here

Summertime has reached fever pitch in the Halverstadt house!

Barclay campus students are soon to return to Haviland, which is wonderful! This also means that my husband is (and I’m sure many other BC employees are) operating on overdrive. My girls are so over being at home and, you know, together…and I am so over pretending to be good at this mom thing. So it’s getting exhausting (and I apparently get headaches now too), and in searching for the silver lining today, here’s what I came up with: The summer cold we all caught – I’m the only one still trying to kick it two weeks later (which, in mom world, is a good thing).

Let’s not discuss the fact that Joel did eventually catch the cold that had me doped up on NyQuil for a week and a half – and had it for like 10 seconds. (It’s for the best, really.)

The point is we could use some prayer in the Halvey house. Mostly that I don’t flip my lid and make the decision to send my babies off to boarding school just 12 days before the grade school is back in session, but also for health and peace and encouragement in what I desperately hope is just a short season of craziness.

I hope you all are having a great summer and looking forward with joy and excitement to the start of a new school year! And to my friends who are also counting down to the minute until school starts…#youcompleteme